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Singer 9960 Review


Now what do we have here? One of the better models out of the runner-up in the fierce competition between Singer and Sewing Brother.

Don’t get me wrong, both companies deserve the respect they yearn but the rivalry between them benefits us, the consumer, the most!

What I’m really excited about is the inevitable clash between this model and the PC420PRW, as they are in a similar league, price-wise.

Let’s put our party hats on and finally get to the bottom of the answer!

Singer 9960 Key Features

  • 600 Stitches

A definite winner in this regard, more than double the stitches available to suit your every whim.

I’m not even sure how they all fit inside of that machine!

  • Auto-Needle Threader

In terms of effort required to set the needle threader up, it was painless and without a hinge of trouble.

  • 18 Pounds Of Weight

Not a light by any means but not a corpulent sewing machine either. The added stainless steel makes up for the extra weight so I’m not complaining.

  • LCD Screen

A bit on the smaller side, but I’ll survive it. The numbers are clear and concise, and everything is set up to be as straightforward as it can be.

  • 13 Button Automated Button Holes!

What surprised me to the greatest extent about this model were the thirteen available holes, all mechanized.

Most other models feature five or in rare cases, eight.

  • Accessories, Including Extra Feet

I quite enjoyed the screwdriver and the foot controller. What also came in handy was the extension table for larger apparel.


  • Despite The Amount Of Stitches, You Could Still Sort Them Out

Just under the LCD screen, you will notice various buttons; among them, you will see quite a few stitch drawings.

These represent the most popular stitches as selected by users, letting you automatically choose your favorite stitch without having to circle through hundreds beforehand.

  • The Stainless Steel Really Is Stainless

Although this product is shipped from China and to be honest, that made quite unwary of the quality at first, I’ve had it for over a year and not a single spot of rust has shown up in that period.

  • Not even a scratch.

Extension Table Proved To Be Utterly Useful

Most extension tables you see on sewing machines are more of a nice perk to have, instead of a real, practical add-on.

Not with this one as I was, in every respect, shocked at how good it worked on larger clothes.

It was even functioning when upholstery was in question!


  • Only For US Citizens

If its shipping from China, this must be a global model or, so I thought!

Sadly speaking, it will only be useful to you if you own a 110 Volt attachment plug, otherwise, you will break the sewing machine!


In my honest opinion, far more superior than its counterpart, the PC420PRW, as the selection of stitches, diagrams and perks far outweigh anything else the competition may offer.

Just be conscious of your plug and you are all set for the time your life!

9 Total Score
Best Singer sewing machine!

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