Singer 7258 Review


Would you look at the beautiful combination of colors on that machine?!

SINGER has got a knack for style, I have to give them that, but do they have the prowess to be a worthy challenge to Sewing Brother?

Personally speaking, I think that they do and this sewing machine in particular is living proof of that.

Let this review show you why we shouldn’t underestimate the underdogs!

Singer 7258 Key Features

  • 100 Available Stitches

That’s more like it!

I was a bit disappointed in one of their previous models that only featured twenty-something stitches.

  • Item Dimensions Measuring 14.5 x 7.5 x 12 inches

A solid and stabled model, if you had read some of my other reviews, you would’ve noticed that I often remark how the width in SINGER models is a lot smaller than usual.

This doesn’t hinder the sewing process one bit but is still something to keep in mind.

  • Bright LED Light

By bright, I actually mean illuminating. Quite strong and potent, I never had an issue while sewing at 3am and neither will you.

  • A Lot Of Accessories

With the addition of over ten feet and items such as the soft-sided dust cover, you will never have to shop for extra supplies when it comes to your sewing machine!

  • Tri-Lingual Manual

This is quite entertaining when you think about it, besides English and Spanish, SINGER decided that it wanted to grace its user with a French option too.

I’m impressed!

  • Heavy Metal Frame

You will have to work really hard for your piece of clothing to skip or move while under the steady hands of the heavy-duty frame featured in this model.

Excellent quality.

  • Medium Weight

With around 16 pounds to its name, many a few ask themselves where does it all come from? The machine looks a bit on the smaller side from the first onlook but what is often missed is the stainless-steel addition to the product!


  • Matches Your Speed

Sometimes, you simply want to sit back and have a nice relaxing sewing session while at other times, you desire to be done with it as soon as you can!

This sewing machine enables it all with the help of simple buttons which let you be in control!

  • 25 Years Of Warranty

That’s almost a lifetime of protection! SINGER is ambitious in getting their name out there and I believe this to be the right way to go about it.

  • Extendable Power Cord

Nothing more frustrating than being halted by a damn cable. With 69 inches of solid cable, your freedom and flexibility will know no bounds!


  • Only Good For Sewing

If you are interested in embroidery in addition to sewing, you will be left in tears as this sewing machine isn’t really suited for such a job.

I would recommend the versatile XR9500PRW for such an exquisite taste.


Stylish and nifty, the SINGER 7258 computerized sewing machine is a classy yet sturdy product.

Attuned to its users wants and needs, specializing in one craft only, sewing – but doing a heck of a job at it!

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