Singer 4423 Review


The first thing to note would be the giant, stylish knob on the right side of the sewing machine. It seems to me that SINGER not only tries to trump its main competitor, Brother Sewing, quality wise but also in terms of visual aestheticism.

This is quite the interesting turn of events and I’m eager to examine the nuisances between products!

Let’s not waste any more time with the soliloquys and plunge right into the review!

Singer 4423 Key Features

  • Stainless Steel Build

It seems to me that China wants to absolve itself of the stigma that their products are cheap, washed-up replicas of the real deal.

Whatever the case may be, this is starting to look really good for us, the consumers, as the quality increase is fairly noticeable.

  • 23 Built-In Stitches

I do have a small problem with this one. And by small, I mean little. You see, the competing product at this price range, the HC1850 has twenty-seven.

Some might claim that I’m a bit too picky, but it is my job as an honest, professional reviewer to lay things out the way they are.

  • Automatic Needle Threader

This is a staple among all sewing machines. Long gone are the days where you had to pay massive attention to every move.

Now, that technology has aided us with its wonders, the entire business is much smoother.

  • Four Button-Holes

Nothing too fancy, most sewing machines include five and some of them embody up to eleven.

  • 15 Pounds Of Weight

SINGER models seem to be a bit bulkier than others but that is because of the stainless steel they often use in the production of their machines.

  • Dimensions Of 15.5 x 6.2 x 12 Inches

Standard size, nothing much to really say about it except for the small width but that has never been an issue for me.


  • The Metal Frame Is Of Exceptional Quality

One of the most overlooked yet important parts of the sewing process, the metal frame, has to be solid for your clothes not to move while sewing.

As mentioned in the title, I don’t reckon meeting a better one so far!

  • 1,100 Stitches Per Minute?!

Wow, just wow. We are here talking about speeds that were thought of as unimaginable just a few years ago.

If you would like to hasten your sewing up, this is the model for you!

  • Leather Jackets? No Problem!

This beast sews through anything, I had never had an issue with some of the sturdier materials.


Not Suited For Embroidery

I’m not going to lie, you will not be able to do things that require a lot of precision. I would recommend setting for another model if you are concerned with this peculiarity, like the SE400.


Speedy and of a robust design, you can take this machine through thick and thin!

You will never have an issue, despite the thickness of the article you are trying to sew.

Excellent product!

8 Total Score

Can handle many heavy duty jobs!

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