Brother XM2701 Review


The most economical choice of all the products we have featured on our website so far. For those that are new to the art of embroidery or simply don’t feel like shilling out a lot of money on a sewing machine, this model might just be the perfect solution!

I’m more interested in how it compares to other models, mainly the LS2125i, with whom it shares a similar price point.

Let’s waste no more time and dig right into the review!

Brother XM2701 Key Features

  • 27 Different Stitches

We can already see that it lacks in the versatility department, even though twenty-seven stitches aren’t too shabby on its own.

  • Six Different Sewing Feet

Notice how other models, mainly the one we have mentioned in the introduction of this article, has double the foot accessories?

  • Regular LED Light

I have tested it out on numerous occasions as I’m a night person and it is safe to say that the light is quite bright. You can do a very good job under its luminescence, it is very reliable.

  • 25 Year Warranty

A very nice addition considering the meager price-point.

  • An Integrated Dial

The dial makes selecting your desire stitch easy. This model seems to be more focused on giving the user a traditional sewing experience.

  • Automated Needle Threading

A cool feature that turns a job that usually lasts painstakingly long into a breeze that doesn’t take more than a few seconds of your time


  • Bilingual And Illustrated Instructions

Not only do they a very good job in breaking the wretched language barrier but they also include a DVD with every purchase that explains the entire process visually.

Perfect for people starting out or the elderly as you don’t have to spend time explaining the same thing over and over again.

  • Embellished With Diagrams Of Stitches

As already mentioned, it seems that this model really is a gateway product towards bigger sewing machines.

It’s so easy to get started and maneuver the machine that my nine-year-old daughter spends more time sewing than me!

  • Compact And Sleek; Flexible

Instead of being stuck to the ground, requiring armies to lift it, the XM2701 was specifically designed to be as transparent as possible.

Whenever I need to use the kitchen for something else, dismounting the sewing machine is child’s play and done in a matter of minutes!


  • Not Suitable For Intermediate Or Professional Sewers

It can do a lot, but it can’t go the extra mile which dampers its usability to long term users.

If you are in need for some extravagance, the Brother PC420PRW should be the way to go!


Let’s face it, you will not find a better sewing machine under a hundred dollars so if you are just starting out, this is your opportunity to get a head start in the game!

A breeze to master and fun to use, this model will stay with you long after you have had replaced it as some first memories never seem to fade.

8 Total Score
A very good choice for beginners!

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