Brother XL2600i Review


From the first onlook and beyond, this Brother sewing machine seems to be of quite the sturdy build.

Featuring a nondescript design and quite the sophisticated looking appearance, there is a lot to be expected from this model.

Let’s take a closer look at what the XL2600i brings to the table!

Brother XL2600i Key Features

  • Computerized Needle Threading

No longer will you have to waste hours trying to push the thread through the needle, this sewing machine does it all on its own!

  • Supports Multiple Languages

If you are a company searching for a product that will be suitable for each and every of your worker, search no longer as the manual and user guides are compatible with all the major languages.

  • 25 Unique Stitches Included

Creating different sorts of styles has never been easier with such an array of different choices.

  • Light Source For Every Type Of Situation

As I’m oftentimes too busy to play with my sewing machine during the day, the lightning bulb helps immensely as it nullifies the constraints of night time!

  • 25 Years Of Guaranteed Warranty And A Lifetime Of Phone Support

Once you have decided upon the XL2600i, the company behind the product ensures that you will stay satisfied till the bitter end!


  • Integrated Knob Just For Switching Stitches

I really fell in love with this product as it dawned upon me that I could simply turn a knob and change a style within seconds, whenever it pleased me!

No longer did I have to have a secret storage space for all the individual stitches as now, a simple turn would bring on my desired shape.

  • Diagrams For Newbies Made It Easy To Familiarize Oneself With The Sewing Machine

The many different guides, from the official handbook provided with the purchase to the huge diagram on the surface of the sewing machine alleviated all the fears and anxieties of not knowing what to do.

  • Free Accessory Pack Causes You To Feel Like A Professional!

From bobbins, to screwdrivers and finally, a darning plate, you’ll be able to experiment day and night with this sewing machine.

Even a month after I had purchased this model, I was still finding out hidden perks and gems.

  • Amazing value!

Although Very Skinny In Comparison To Other Models, It Still Retains Precision!

I was a bit exasperated by the fact that the sewing machine weighted only twelve pounds as I thought that this would make it unsteady.

Quite on the contrary, the precision was more than I could have even bargained for!


  • Only Suited For The US Market

I have a lot of friends in the UK who would’ve loved to get their hands on one of these models but much to their dismay, they didn’t possess an output of 120V AC.


Despite only being of use to people residing in North America, this sewing machine has to be one of the finer models on the market.

Over twenty-five stitches, various perks, automated technology and much more lead to an unforgettable sewing experience!

8 Total Score
A good and budget option for beginners!

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