Brother SE400 Review


Another formidable piece of technology by the revered manufacturers of all sorts of different sewing machines.

Expanded embroidery space, up to 4×4 inches to be frank, allows for endless creativity and fun.

Many experts acclaim it to be the best embroidery machine currently on the market, but has that claim got any sustenance?

Our investigative team spent hours analyzing and testing all the different components, here are the results!

Brother SE400 Key Features

  • Diverse Options

The multifunctional aspect of this product often comes in handy when you want to expand your field of work on to something more voluptuous.

This embroidery machine can sew, quilt, embroider and so much more as we are about to find out.

  • A Nice LCD Screen

Embroidery machines without any visual output are no longer in style and if you really want to make it with your product, a modern LCD screen is a must!

  • Various Technological Perks

Giving you the ability to play with thousands of already made designs, the computerized aspect of this embroidery machine allows for the import and export of almost anything that you could possibly imagine!

Did I mention that you can literally automate the entire embroidery process itself? The more you know!

  • Multicultural Sensitivity In Regard To Handbooks

There is nothing like trying to teach someone how an embroidery machine works and the person in question having troubles keeping up!

With manuals available in both English and Spanish, you can save yourself hours of unneeded trouble.

  • Illuminating Light Source

Nothing like meandering in the dark, eh? Don’t despair, with this embroidery machine, you will be able to work on your projects whether it be day or night!


  • Huge LCD Screen

I’ve already told you that an embroidery machine without a screen is almost worthless nowadays. Not only is the screen big and wide but there are no buttons to press, gifting you with the aptness to do it all but with a touch of a display!

  • An Abundant Accessory Bag Included!

I hate upsells more than anything else in my life. When I consider the cost of a product, I want to be able to make a purchase and be done with it!

It saddens me that many companies take such a nefarious way of trying to make a profit, but not this one.

With over TWENTY items included in the lot, you will never have to worry about running out of tools ever again!

  • Another Level Of Inventiveness

Thought that you were original before? Think again! 67 unique sewing stitches seventy integrated embroidery designs make for an absolute blast of an experience.


  • Not Suited For The Very Old

I’ve tried teaching my 79-year-old grandma the ins and outs of operating this embroidery machine on a screen, but her fingers often slipped or pushed the wrong input.

Consider getting a more traditional model, like the Brother LS21215i, if sophisticated technology becomes an obstacle.


An absolutely breathtaking piece of technology, it has got everything that you need to make your embroidery journey one that you will not regret!

9.5 Total Score
One of the best embroidery machines!

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