Brother PC420PRW Sewing Machine Review


I was quite apprehensive while handling the package in which this model arrived, as I was really careful not to displace anything.

I’m not sure if my dear readers are aware of the enormity of this sewing machine.

Not only in size, but technology, quality and lastly, professionalism.

It is with a great honor that I approach this exemplar, join me as we investigate what wonders he this sewing machine can bestow us with!

Brother PC420PRW Key Features

  • 294 Versatile Stitches

Creativity? That word is too small for this number. I’m talking about an entirely different universe over here!

  • Crafted Out Of Pure Metal

While I was lustfully groping my newest household edition, I couldn’t help but notice the sturdiness of the metal that was used to construct it.

A-level stuff!

  • Panel Control In Addition To An LCD Screen

Beautifully outlaid and masterfully crafted, the buttons are sufficiently large for those of us with bigger hands.

Not to mention the LCD screen which carefully outputs information about speed of threading, stitch used and time elapsed.

  • Improved Bobbing System

With the newly introduced F.A.S.T technology, bobbing a thread will never again pose any problems!

  • Source Of Light? Try Two!

With two lights, positioned across the key places of this sewing machine, precision just got a new meaning!

  • Bilingual Instruction Manual

As expected, Brother Sewing left nothing to chance with their multicultural user manual!


  • 850 Stitches Per Minute, Are You Serious?

You’ve read that right! Back in the old days, you would be happy to hit forty and now a machine can almost top the four-digit mark?

It is truly mesmerizing how far technology has brought us!

  • Sturdy Construction Stays With You

Many sewer machines start to disintegrate during the first year of activate usage.

With such a bulky and strong construction, you will not have to worry about rust or any other quirk in that manner.

  • Go Fast Or Slow

I really love the addition of a lever that lets you determine how speedy you want things to go!

There is nothing like technology robbing you out of your individuality.

Don’t despair, with this sewing machine, you are the one stirring the ship!

  • Automatic Thread Cutter

Talk about simple! There is nothing more frustrating than having to repeat the same action repeatedly.

Saving time and nerves has never been this easy.


  • Not Suitable Outside Of The US

I really wanted to buy my best friend in the UK one of these fine samples so that he could also enjoy himself in hours of sewing.

Sadly, with the only acceptable adapter being 120V, you will be hard-pressed to find it somewhere else but in North America.


I have a lot of respect for this model and I hope that I could bring a bit you closer to why that is the case.

This sewing machine embodies top grade material, modern technology and cut-throat efficiency!

Absolutely recommended to every professional out there and for those who see themselves as one.

9.5 Total Score
Top gear for professionals!

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