Brother LS2125i Review


The first thing to notice about this model would be the lack of any sort of tangible technological perks, such as an LCD screen.

That is a very nice touch indeed. Even though modern technology can aid us in many areas of our lives, some prefer something a bit more traditional.

Brother Sewing is aware of that and therefore presents us with a sewing machine that might look a bit outdated on the outside but what awaits us inside, will surprise even the most stoic of readers.

Let’s dig in!

Brother LS2125i Key Features

  • Lightweight With Only 12 Pounds To Its Name

If you’ve gotten bored from all the thirty-pound behemoths, then this will be a nice breath of fresh air.

  • 25 Years Of Warranty

I really fell in love with those words at the time I had the pleasure to imbue them. 25 years is more than enough to sew as much as I could possibly wish for!

  • Are You A Button Guy? The Product Is!

A nice addition to an all-around great sewing machine.

Personally speaking, my aunt adores adding buttons to almost anything, I’m waiting for the day she starts buttoning my underwear!

With a preprogrammed 4-step buttonhole, size and shape will never be an issue.

  • Free Arm And A Carrying Handle

Comes quite in handy when comfort is in the question. Suffice to say, the entire sewing machine is portable, making it very flexible for your needs.


  • No LCD? No Problem!

I’ve already mentioned in another article of mine that I failed teaching my grandma on how to operate a more sophisticated model, like the Brother SE400.

This little peculiarity hindered her from fully enjoying her sewing experience but when I got her this one during the Yuletide festival, she was all over me!

  • Portable And Compact Design

If you have ever had the need to travel with a sewing machine under your belt, you would have seen just how hard it can be to find a suitable place to stuff her in!

This isn’t a worry with this model as it’s welterweight, alongside the fitting nature of the device makes for a painless and uncomplicated experience.

  • Amazing Phone Support!

I’ve had a problem with not being able to locate one of the parts of the sewing machine, more specifically the instruction manual.

As I’ve called the number assigned to the company’s customer support, I was genuinely surprised by the amount of patience and care that went into solving my problem.

Splendid assistance from the nice tellers!


  • Not Suited For Tech-Freaks

Let’s be honest for a quick moment, if you are in search of something a bit fancier, this model wouldn’t suit you.

No LCD screen and little automation makes it quite the conventional model to own but for anything a bit more trailblazing, you will have to look elsewhere.


A perfect sewing machine for the older generations, where things have always been clear-cut and simple.

In addition, the maneuverability of this model makes it quite nifty on its own.

Great value for the price-point!

8 Total Score
Good for beginners!

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