Brother HC1850 Review


A top tier model, the Brother HC1850 tries to offer the best out of both worlds.

I can see how the various button spread throughout the design tend to make one ruminate about the older times.

On the other hand, we can spot newfound technological perks in the form of automation and the inclusion of an LCD screen.

What other wonders does this multipurpose machine have for us?

We’re about to find out!

Brother HC1850 Key Features

  • 130 Unique Stitches

A bit too much for someone starting out but perfect for the intermediate user.

  • Versatile Experience

Most sewing machine can only, you guessed it, sew but this model can quilt, sew, stitch and monogram!

Instead of owning three or four machines, you can have it all with in just one product.

  • Wide Dimensions (12.5″ x 19.25″ x 15.25″)

If you are in need of more space, don’t ask for any other sewing machine!

  • Bilingual Handbook, DVD Instructions Included

A very nice example of good thinking! Instead of settling for just one type of language or medium, they have decided for the odd but simple; Why not both?

This will leave both sides of the coin satisfied and is a downright great business move, all things considered.

  • Detachable Table

You could really let your creative spirits flow as the table provided to be sufficient enough for almost any type of apparel that you could think of!


  • Fast And Furious

Did you know that in the past, people had to satisfy themselves with a measly twenty to forty stitches per minute?

Just try and guess to what number this baby can climb. Ready?

A breathtaking, 850 stitches per minute.

Unbelievably nimble and not to mention, the stitches are all orderly and precise.

  • Finally A Wide LCD Screen

Make them even wider I say! Exceptional texture and number display on the screen, that’s what I’m talking about!

  • Too Fast? Make It Slower!

Sewing machines that don’t let you be in control of the speed really aren’t up to par with modern expectations of the average consumer.

Most models designed for newbies cannot do that, but let’s not let them in on the secret!

  • An Abundance Of Useful Accessories

From the eight different presser feet, to the bobbins and needle sets, you are more than ready to take on the world of embroidery by its tail!

The accessories themselves are worth the purchase.


  • Newbies May Find It Hard To Handle

So many choices and so many odds and add-ons that even some experienced users scratch their head.

It’s important to start slow if you are still in the beginning stages of embroidery as rushing in too hard can demotivate and frustrate the user as there is quite the steep learning curve!


If you want to do more than just sewing, the Brother HC1850 is the first thing that comes to mind.

With a verisimilitude of choices under your disposal, alongside a bilingual manual that caters to your every need, your every whim only waits to be fulfilled!

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Great Choice!

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