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Brother CS6000i Review


Being the younger Brother of the XL2600i, this model seems to be the more economical option often taken by newbies and casual sewers alike.

As a professional sewer and aspiring reviewer, it is my duty to see where this Brother sewing machine pales in comparison to its pricier counterpart.

On the other hand, I’m inclined to believe that there may be some hidden strengths to this product, despite its lower price tag?

We’re about to find out!

Brother CS6000i Key Features

  • Simple Navigation With LCD Display

A small LCD display located on the top end of the machine. Under the aforementioned screen, you will find two buttons which are used for either starting or stopping the machine and another two buttons for adjusting the sewing speed.

  • Threading Made Easy With Illustrated Instructions

Traditional machines were a huge hassle for me as I would spend over an hour just setting the machine up.

It’s a good thing that technology has finally caught up and made this job a breeze!

  • A Free Arm Just For Sleeves!

That is something that I had always wanted to see on a sewing machine. Now I can easily stitch the holes in my clothes, without worrying about wrong sizes or measurements.

  • Neon Light Helps You Thread In The Dark

Although the shining light does come to aid, I prefer natural light a lot more. I believe that the XL2600i does a much better job at this peculiarity as the light feels a lot more natural.


  • You Are The One Setting The Speed!

This would have to be my favorite feature as I’m the one that’s steering the boat in the direction I want it to go.

Sewing machines that don’t have this perk are seriously robbing their users out of much-needed convenience!

  • Huge Table For Big Projects!

I oftentimes had attire that was quite large on its own. This made me anxious whilst threading as I always had to be very careful as to not rub the clothing in the wrong way.

With a wide table and steadfast idleness when it came to shaking or sudden movements, I always knew what I was getting!

  • Over 15 + Items In Free Accessories

The cleaning brush, alongside the zipper foot and the needle set came in handy even beyond sewing itself!

I felt as if I got a free house toolkit just for purchasing this particular model.


  • LCD Screen Too Small

I’m not getting any younger and as my eyesight continually deteriorates, I have to use more and more strain to be able to read the numbers.

I would love to see bigger letters on the screen, even though after a while, you instinctively know what you are up against!


Despite having many similarities with the Brother XL2600i, one can see how this machine pales in comparison to its older Brother.

Although I do have to mention that the giant table and the adjustable sewing speed really made this model unique in my eyes.

I feel inclined to openly recommend it to anyone starting out but would suggest picking another model if you are looking for something more professional.

8.5 Total Score
Best Value!

Rich features with reasonable price. Best for beginners!

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