Best Singer Sewing Machine Reviews in 2020

Singer is a brand that is almost legendary in the best sewing machine world. They arguably invented the modern sewing machine and have been operating as a company since the late 1800’s. It’s safe to say that there are not many companies in the sewing industry (or any industry) that have as much respect and admiration from their clients as Singer do.

They have been constantly at the forefront of the sewing world, they continue to innovate and change the game one machine at a time. These days Singer has a wide variety of excellent products on the market. They make everything ranging from highly specialist professional grade machines through to beginner introductory products (and everything in-between).

Today we have selected 6 of Singers most popular machines that we highly recommend. We are going to compare, contrast, and review all aspects of them to help you decide which machine is right for you.

Let’s get started.

Top 6 Singer Sewing Machines Reviews & Picks

Singer 9960

Singer 9960 sewing machine

The first machine from Singer on this list is the 9960. This is an impeccable machine that is packed full of advanced features and usable technology. It’s the most expensive machine on this list (but it’s also unquestionably the best). And while it’s not exactly cheap, we think it’s worth every cent.

Feature Breakdown

  • 600 Stitches

Yup, you read that right. This machine has a massive 600 stitches you can choose from. There are not many machines in the world that can boast of this much versatility and variety in terms of stitch type. Large and small, wide and thin, straight or zigzag – the world is your proverbial oyster when you sit down in front of the 9960.

  • Digital Information Advisor

We were reluctant to actually use the term “digital information advisor” to describe the sizeable LCD display that is present on the 9960 at first. However, after we played around with it for a while we relented – this is much more than a pretty screen. You’ll get visual displays of stitch types, widths, and all other relevant information without having to scroll through menus.

  • Easy Threading System

Even experienced sewers dislike the threading process on most sewing machines. Regardless of how many times you have done it before, it’s always a tricky thing to do. Singer has used their extensive experience to design their “easy threading system” that makes things that little bit easier. In just 6 seconds you’ll be able to have the machine threaded and ready to go from spool to eye.

What We Dislike

To be honest there’s not much to dislike about this machine. It’s a great piece of kit that does all you could ever want (and more). The only “downside” we can think of is the price. It’s not exactly cheap, but you get what you pay for with sewing machines.


This is the best machine on this list, without a shadow of a doubt. There’s not much that it doesn’t do. It’s a versatile and adaptable machine that is incredibly intuitive to use (and very reliable too). It’s a premium product that has a premium price tag, but if you can afford the initial investment – it’s great value for money.

Singer 7469Q

Singer 7469Q sewing machine

The 7469Q is the second most expensive machine on our list, and to be honest it’s also the second best. It’s around $80 cheaper than the 9960 above and still retains many of its best features (but it does have some of the fancy fun stuff removed).

This is a machine that has been primarily set up for quilting and has many features dedicated to the art. You could still use it for basic garment making if you wish. But there are other dedicated products that would be a better choice if you’re mainly going to be garment making.

Feature Breakdown

  • Programmable Up / Down Needle

Anyone who has ever attempted to make their own quilt will already know how important it is to be able to keep the needle in the down position at the end of stitching. The 7469Q allows you to program the ending position of the needle when you stop the machine (allowing you to move and interact with the fabric without worrying about the needle’s position).

  • Drop And Sew Bobbin System

Quiltmakers rejoice, you no longer have to worry about taking the time to raise the bobbin thread before you start sewing! The drop and sew bobbin system is as amazing as it sounds, simply drop, go, and you’re ready to sew. This is one of those features that once you try you can’t live without.

  • Quilting Accessories

Singer has used their extensive experience to understand the essentials for quiltmaking (and have decided to include them all with this machine). You’ll be glad to see that the box includes a large sturdy extension table that allows you to support larger quilts with ease. Additionally, you’ll find 4 quilting feet that will provide you with the right “tools” for any quilting job.

What We Dislike

Again this is another home run from Singer, there’s not much we can complain about here (even the price is very reasonable). If we were being super picky we would possibly say Singer could have included a few more stitch types (but the 96 included types are more than adequate by anyone’s standards).


This is an awesome machine that is perfect for anyone who is serious about their quilt making. It’s reasonably priced and is jam-packed full of features that are going to take your quilt making to the next level.

As we mentioned earlier, this is probably not a good choice if you’re going to be mainly garment making as it’s a very specialized machine. But if you’re a quilter, this is hands down the best product for you on the list.

Singer 7258

Singer 7258 sewing machine

This is the first mid-range machine on the list and it’s significantly cheaper than both the 9960 and the 7469Q we mentioned above. This is a general purpose machine that is designed for garment and gift making. You can probably get away with using it for quilting, but it’s certainly not geared towards that section of the market.

Feature Breakdown

  • 100 Stitch Types

Singer has included 100 amazing stitch types in the 7258 which will be more than enough to get your creative juices flowing. Sure it seems small in comparison to the 600 stitches of the 9960, but remember you’re paying less for this machine. The 7258 has stitches to suit all styles and tastes including fashion, crafts, and home projects.

  • Built-In Buttonholes

Creating buttonholes manually is a tricky and fiddly process (even for the most experienced sewers). Singer has perfected the buttonholing process with their built-in buttonhole mode. With the flick of a switch and the press of a button, you’ll be able to make one of 8 different buttonhole types almost automatically (which results in a perfect result every time).

  • Automatic Needle Threader

The 7258 has the same automatic needle threading system that the 6690 and the 7469Q do. This means that within 6 seconds you’ll be threaded and ready to go thanks to the innovative and advanced technology.

What We Don’t Like

While Singer says that this machine is versatile enough to be used for quilting, we slightly disagree. It’s true that you can use the 7258 to make quilts, it even has a few dedicated stitches that make life easier. But to be honest there are many better machines out there dedicated to quiltmaking (which are cheaper).


We love the 7258. It’s a truly versatile machine that does everything (except quiltmaking) excellently. So if you’re making curtains, pillows, dresses, or anything in between – this is a machine that will get the job done. This versatility combined with its almost unparalleled ease of use make the 7258 a great machine for beginners (who may not yet know what kind of sewing projects they like to get involved with).

Singer 4432

Singer 7258 sewing machine

The 4432 is the big beast of this list. It’s sold as a “heavy duty” machine and we have to agree, this is a serious piece of kit! If you’re planning on working with thick fabrics (like curtains and other home décor items) this is probably the machine you are looking for. It combines reliability, speed, and pure power to create a supercharged sewing machine to be proud of.

Feature Breakdown

  • 1,100 Stitches Per Minute

Yup, that’s right, the 4432 can stitch at an amazing 1100 stitches per minute. This increased speed is vital when working on larger pieces like curtains and drastically reduces the amount of time bigger projects take. This immense speed can be dialed back easily with the foot pedal for the more delicate areas that require slower precision.

  • 60% Stronger Motor

The 4432 has one of the most powerful motors that Singer have ever produced. This means that no matter how thick or heavy duty your materials are – this machine will smash through them with ease. To put this strength in perspective the 4432 is more powerful than the 9960 at the top of this list despite being $150 cheaper.

  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame

The 4432 is a product that is built to last, its super strong heavy duty metal frame makes this a seriously study machine. Regardless of how fast it’s running there will be no wobble and no shaking as it powers through the toughest materials you can throw at it. This is super important when you’re running at 1100 stitches per minute because the slightest movement can literally ruin a piece at these insane speeds.

What We Dislike

This is going to sound a little silly, but we don’t really like the color of the 4432. The grey and red combination are not exactly what we would call “flattering”. But if you’re less superficial than we are (or you actually like the color combination) you can rest assured there’s nothing else to not like about this machine.


This is one of the most specialized machines on this list. Again it’s not really set up for quilt making, but the power is there if you need it. This is a machine for those who have dreams of decorating their home with custom-made items that require thicker fabrics than garments do.

If that sounds like you, then this is a product to add to your shortlist.

Singer 4423

Singer 4423 sewing machine

We were going to devote an entire section to the Singer 4423 but then realized we would probably just end up repeating ourselves. So this is a little bonus section to explain the difference between the 4432 and the 4423.

Like the 4432 the 4423 is a super heavy duty machine. Its got the same powerful motor and can also stitch at a massive 1100 stitches per minute. In fact, the 4423 is identical in almost every respect to the 4432 (despite the 4432 being a little more expensive).

However, there are a couple of differences that make these products unique to one another:

  • Color

Remember how we disliked the grey and red color combination of the 4432 above? Well, Singer very slightly changed the color scheme. Instead of the grey and red combination of the 4432, the 4423 has…

Light grey and red.

Not exactly a game changer huh.

  • Stitches

However, the 4423 is not just a cosmetic change from the 4432. The main reason for the different price (and different model number) is that the 4423 has 9 fewer stitches than the 4432. As the names suggest the 4432 has 32 stitches and the 4423 has 23 stitches.


To be honest you can get by just fine with the 4423 if you want to save money and go for the cheaper product. Despite having fewer stitches the 4423 is still a very capable machine.

But quite honestly we recommend you spend a little bit more and go for the 4432 if you have the budget for it. The additional decorative and buttonhole stitches it has are nice features to have at your disposal.

Singer 3232

Singer 3232 sewing machine

At this point in the article, we have reached the budget end of the Singer spectrum. The 3232 is a reasonably basic machine compared to some of the other products on this list. But considering the price point this machine is sold at, it’s a pretty good deal.

If you need something that has bells and whistles attached, you should look at some of the machines above. But if you just need solid reliability you can count on – this could be the machine you’re looking for.

Feature Breakdown

  • 32 Stitches

Ok, 32 stitches might not sound like much (because it isn’t), but hear us out for a second. Many experienced sewers will attest to the fact that when you’re just starting out sewing having a low amount of stitches at your disposal can actually be a good thing. It makes you think creatively about the stitches you have, allowing you to develop your skills instead of getting lost in a huge amount of choice.

  • 1 Step Buttonhole

Even at this low price point Singer have managed to include their 1 step buttonhole technology in this machine. This is a great little feature for those who are just starting out. It makes a reasonably tricky task super easy and ensures that even novice sewers have the ability to make reliable buttonholes that will stand the test of time.

  • Accessories

There are a bunch of essential accessories that are included with the 3232 that beginners are going to find useful. For example, you’ll find 4 additional feet that will drastically increase the potential of your machine allowing you to sew a wide range of items in a wide range of styles. You’ll also find things like a seam ripper, a lint brush, needles, spool caps, bobbins (and more) to get you started.

What We Don’t Like

When you take the low cost of this machine into account there’s not much you can really complain about here. Sure it would be nice to have more than 32 stitches, but it’s not the end of the world that that’s all the 3232 has. Set your expectations accordingly and you’ll be very happy with the reliability and usability of this machine.


The 3232 isn’t exactly a fully featured machine by any sense of the word. But it’s a great way for beginners to get their hands on a quality, reliable machine that’s going to stand the test of time. Most newcomers to the world of sewing start on something like this, owning a basic machine is almost like a right of passage.

Once you get familiar with sewing and understand the concepts of using a basic machine you’ll have a better idea of the features you really want when you decide to upgrade (after your skills have advanced enough to fully appreciate them).


So there you have it, a run down of our favorite Singer sewing machines. We have done our best to cover all kinds of machine in all price brackets in this list, so hopefully, there should be something for everyone here.

Whichever product you choose, you’re going to be able to rest assured that it’s a product that’s going to do the job well. You can’t be in business since the 1800’s if your products aren’t meeting customer expectations. As such, Singer is a brand who value their hard-earned reputation above all else

Even their most basic machines are built to the highest standards using the highest quality materials. They do not make inferior quality products. Ever.

We’re confident when we say that we are sure they will never let you down.


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